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Why Search Marketing Presents the best Business Growth Opportunity for Sydney Businesses.

Local SEO is a must-do for all Sydney-based businesses that want to attract local customers. The growing population plus the rise of the internet as an important research tool among consumers across the city only highlights the need for SEO service providers.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more than five million people living and working in Sydney. More than 100,000 residents moved in last year alone (2017).

The rate at which the city is growing is stunning. It’s very encouraging for business owners and marketers who see the opportunities of this rapid growth.

Sharp business owners are taking advantage of this growth by leveraging search engines to show their product offerings to a larger local market.

We’re going to tell you exactly how they do it using our local SEO services, which are designed specifically for the Sydney marketplace.

First let’s get some perspective on the huge opportunity that awaits businesses that choose to invest in this proven marketing technique (Localised SEO).

In our past 10 years experience providing Sydney SEO services, we know that many local businesses have barely scratched the surface of their market base despite the fact that it’s growing everyday.

We’re willing to place a bet that you haven’t even served 10% of your potential market in Sydney.


Only a small handful of customers are likely to even know your business exists. They don’t even know which businesses exist because they rarely go out to discover new services for themselves.

Technology does everything for them.

They don’t go out to buy movies anymore because… of streaming and with a few clicks they know every hotel, entertainment spot and plumber in Sydney.

If they want your service they’ll simply ask Siri and like magic Siri presents them with the options available.

If, for instance, you’re a Google 5-star rated restaurant in Sydney serving local dishes to residents and visitors, we can agree that there are quite a few restaurants serving similar meal choices. And like yours they too are outstanding.

How can you be certain, that when my friends and I crave some chicken parmigiana, it’s your hotel that serves us? Or for that matter you’re the plumber that fixes our blocked drains, the accountant that does our books, the mortgage broker that writes our home loan or landscaper that does our gardens – you get the point.

How does your Sydney based business get the client?

See, 74% of consumers in Sydney are using their phones as much as computers to search for solutions, services, products, information, ideas and advice according to research conducted by Google and Galaxy in 2015. The research further indicates a growth in the number of people using their mobile devices to search for products. It says 86% of users in Australia found the details of a business such as directions and contacts using their phones in the previous three months. This is why we help our clients pay special attention to mobile marketing in their local SEO strategy.

The trend is, consumers are increasingly relying on the internet to satisfy their needs.

Local SEO is a highly targeted marketing approach that employs a range of digital techniques to appeal to your businesses’ target customers right when they are searching for the solutions you offer.

Through our Sydney SEO services, we target the local searchers alone to ensure that our clients’ products are only shown to people within the city. In this way, we help their business attract people who are most likely to buy: The Sydney residents.

Since the campaign is more focused, their marketing spend is also more efficiently used. Many businesses try to byte of national campaigns before they dominate all the relevant Sydney based keywords, which takes to long and usually ends in them giving up disappointed with the results.

It’s a much better use of fund to commit long term to owning your local market first, and then later expanding the campaign. It may surprise you to learn that you could invest a budget of many thousands per month just to dominate all your local keywords of which they’re are likely hundreds.

Therefore starting with your local market is the smart choice for most business owners, as a genuine national enterprise SEO campaign will require a monthly budget in the tens of thousands per month. At The Local SEO Company, we show you exactly how to get started and how to integrate national campaigns to your local strategy.

Get Found By Real Customers

How Local SEO in Sydney Brings You, Phone-Ins, Walk-In’s and Web-form lead

When our customers come to us, they usually have one question: Can you guys help me get real customers?

The reason they want “real” is because most of them are usually tired of jumping from one overpromising local SEO agency in Sydney to another. Agencies that promise them value for money but the only ROI they can see is the growth of their social media followers or other vanity metrics such as Facebook likes, or years investing money without a single main keyword on page-1.

And there’s nothing wrong with having a huge social media presence or ten thousand Facebook likes.

But would you keep investing if none of those social media followers converted into buyers? No, nobody would.

If you’re like most business owners in Sydney that we’ve met, you want to attract local people who can actually call in and buy something.

At The Local SEO Company, we apply expertise accumulated over more than twenty years providing Sydney SEO services to attract more calls, web forms and walk-in customers for our clients.

Using proven techniques and adding our own secret sauce, we’ve been able to boost our clients’ revenue by over 100% within only 12 months using our local Sydney SEO services.

According to Search Engine Land, 40% of online searches now specify a location in the query. Put another way, almost half of all users on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo want results for a specific city, town, postcode or county. This is known as local intent and it’s a great opportunity to generate sales using local Sydney SEO services. But you have to act now because you’re losing sales from people searching for products and services you offer and not finding your website. Snag yourself a great Sydney SEO services provider today. Every moment you waste you sink your website further down in the rankings.

So, how does local SEO in Sydney work?

Local SEO is an extensive subject that you’ll find discussed many times over in great detail on our site — it’s practically all we talk about. It uses a range of digital techniques to help businesses promote their products and services to local customers right when they are looking for them.

Studies conducted on the effectiveness of local SEO show that 82% of all local searches end in a call, a visit to the store or a purchase.

Taking the number of people doing local Sydney searches into account, we can get some perspective on the huge potential market out there waiting.

That means if 100,000 people are doing local Sydney searches, up to 82,000 people will take the next step within twelve months. And that’s impressive. Except all businesses must now ask an important question…

“Will it be my business they find?”

To help you answer “yes” to that question, we use a range of proven techniques to show search engines that your business is in Sydney and does indeed offer the services searched for.

This information helps them provide the best results for their users, as is their main concern.

They analyze millions of websites to find the best. And that’s what they show the user. To maximise the number of local searchers to whom your website is shown, you want to be in the best camp.

How do you do it?

First, you have to make your content valuable to the visitor. It should not only be insightful but also relevant and easy to consume. Products and services should be equally as relevant and well presented to encourage the visitor to buy.

Second, the consumer needs to find your content. And this is where quality website auditing and onpage SEO optimisation come into play.

We need to ensure that every page on your website is targeted to a set of keywords, with a maximum of 2-3 keywords targeted to each page. Therefore if you want to rank for 20 keywords, your website needs approximately 20 pages of quality content.

Third, we need Google to know that you’re an authority. This is achieved by having other quality websites link from their content to your content. This is like them casting a vote, telling Google that your content is worth reading. The more quality websites that link to you from their content, the higher your chances of ranking in Google’s top-3 positions.

Here at The Local SEO Company, we follow an exact science to workout how many links you need to point to each page on your site to rank in Google’s the top-3 positions for your target keywords.

Fourth, your website needs to load extremely fast, in-fact Google rolled out the Caffeine Update way back in 2009 this update dealt with website load speed. Today, you need your website loading in under 3 seconds to rank at the top of page-1 and to convert a high number of visitors into customers.

You can test your websites load speed here: (be sure to put the settings on Sydney to test from Australia).

In summary businesses appear among these top spots because they take the four primary areas of SEO seriously.

Content auditing and content creation
Technical auditing and technical implementation
Load speed optimisation and the user experience
Back link building and content syndication

We can make sure all this is done for you to Google’s exact standards and guidelines, and specifically tailored for Sydney businesses.

Customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses. According to HubSpot, 46% of all Google searches are local and 78% of local searches result in an offline purchase. However, a separate report revealed that 75% of users never scroll past Page 1 of Google. Still not convinced of the need to rank high on search engines? Give us a call or come down to the office [] for a free consultation.

How to Conquer Beyond Sydney Using SEO

When it comes to SEO, the journey never ends. At one point, you’ll want more than just Sydney SEO services. First, because competitors will always catch up. To remain the best you have to do better at every instance.

The second reason is that the returns you see from local marketing efforts will be so good you’ll not want to stop after Sydney. And thanks to technology, you can probably sell your products and services to almost every part of the world and certainly the other Australian states.

When our local SEO clients in Sydney hand that part of the job to us, they get space to relax and focus on other pertinent matters of the business.

Once you start enjoying our Sydney SEO services you’ll quickly realise how big the opportunity to grow is.

When you go national, you’ll want to bring the big guns out. As your territory expands, you’ll find that the number of keywords to be targeted also increases, the number of pages on your website must increase to accommodate the vast target locations, the additional pages need optimizing, and your blogging strategy will need an upgrade.

That must sound like a lot of added responsibility, which it is. And here are two main advantages of expanding beyond Sydney:

i. Brand authority: When you start serving new locations across the country, even when your brand isn’t famous or established, it will appear more authoritative. A larger number of people will know you exist and consequently search engines will pick up the clue that you serve multiple cities. You’ll also achieve a superior referral quotient, this basically means the power of referral networks grow by an order or multitude.

Thus, expanding is in itself also an SEO strategy.

ii. Wider reach: Technology makes it incredibly easy to serve people from multiple locations. The key is to replicate what you’ve done locally to make it work at that level.

But this SEO strategy will not be straightforward like local SEO. Amassing the benefits of a national SEO campaign will require its own set of rules. It will be tasking and if you’re not cut out for it, you’ll quit.

You’ll need our experienced team beside you to carry the heavier load.

We are the best Sydney SEO services company and we have a record to prove it. Our high retention rate shows that our clients have seen what we can do and they are trusting us to take their business to the next level.

There’s no reason you can’t join us. Contact us today or touch the chat button on the bottom right corner now to speak to a representative about our Sydney SEO services.

Trust the experts

Why Our Clients Believe in Our Sydney SEO Services

If SEO seems like a really hard job to do while still running your business, you’re right. But that’s the beauty of specialization: We focus on what we do, getting better at it everyday and you focus on creating great products and providing remarkable services. Because you’re good at it.

We believe experts should work with experts. Otherwise your expert work will never reach its full potential because it isn’t being complemented with expert digital marketing.

That’s why we only work with the best.

i. We have the necessary team

As a team, we’re a company offering Sydney SEO services. However, individually, each person has their own specialty that adds to the power that turns the wheel.

We have SEO consultants, backlink outreach specialists, SEO analysts, SEO managers, and copywriters. You can rest assured that every step of the campaign will be assigned to the most appropriate team for the task (s) of your job.

ii. We have the experience

Our Sydney SEO services team is comprised of professionals who’ve been in the industry together for more than a decade and even longer individually. (You can view their expert smiles here: [])

We’ll use the same systems we’ve used to generate millions for our clients in Sydney over the years. Only this time it will be with much better technology and more experience.

iii. We have the time

When asked, some of the business owners in Sydney point out lack of time as a major hurdle in implementing a sound local SEO strategy.

Does that sound like you? You can’t keep up with technology so you’d rather remain in your comfort zone earning a comfortable revenue and no additional responsibilities?

What if you had someone reputable to take the responsibilities off your hands? We have nothing else to do but keep busy entrepreneurs smiling using our Sydney SEO services.

iv. We have a record

Since 2006, we’ve worked with more than 1,000 businesses. Of those, 96% are satisfied and repeat customers.

Very few businesses offering Sydney SEO services get to enjoy a 96% retention rate. We can’t pretend that’s not a big deal. It’s a record that our customers are happy to see before they commit as it gives them assurance that they are in good hands.

Check out the nice things some of the have to say here.

v. We will measure

For an aspect as important as local SEO in Sydney, you want to know what each cog is doing towards the advancement of the wheel. This is a very important step for us because our success depends on our ability to see what works and quickly discard what doesn’t. That can’t be possible without measuring.

We’ll use the best tools in the market to measure the results regularly and tell you what’s happening. Reporting will give you a clearer view of your marketing campaign. Additionally, it will help you hold us accountable for the results we give you.

Would you like to enjoy ROI of up to 100% on your local SEO services investment in the next 12 months? You need a team of experts with nothing to do but grow your business. A team like ours.

Contact us today to know how your business can benefit from the local searches in Sydney.


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