The Partner Program



Let’s get right into it.

The Authority Factory partner program allows you to provide results for your clients anywhere in the world. With us, whether you have a client in Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York or Dubai we can get them to the top of page one and you have the potential to make 100% net profit on every campaign, at a much higher net than doing the work inhouse.

White label Authority Factory’s industry leading SEO services, and leverage our specialist opportunity generation systems designed specifically for web design and marketing agencies.

  • SEO processes developed working on Australia fortune 1000 brands.
  • Earn a higher percentage of net profit, in some cases upto 300% higher.
  • Gain your time back to focus on winning new accounts to grow revenue.
  • Eradicate the risks of hiring and managing an expensive execution team.

Clients can choose packaged SEO for simplicity or for the more advanced clients their campaigns can be customised to ensure achievement of their most critical business objectives.

  • We’ve delivered more than 100,000 leads and sales over the last decade.
  • Analytics is setup on every campaign to track visits, leads, sales and profitability.
  • Our link building is 100% white hat outreach to websites with real traffic.
  • White label SEO that will stand the test of all algorithm updates.


Why is our SEO the best in Australia?

What’s in it for your Agency?

Where do you fit?

How do I get started?

Why is our SEO the best?

We follow a rigorous scientific process on every single campaign. We reverse engineer the competitor websites in the top-3 positions for each target keyword to identify the average: content length, keyword density and back link profile. We then execute the campaign to match the client’s website to the top-3 websites across all critical factors.

Once this is complete we turn our attention to user experience, intent based keyword research, dwell time, bounce rate reduction, website load speed, mobile optimisation, conversion and cleaning up all the technicals.

Then finally our greatest strength is in a highly established white hat outreach process to acquire links from relevant websites with real traffic at scale. When these elements are combined it results in an industry leading SEO service with an extremely high strike rate.

Where do you fit?


Referrer: This means that you simply refer us a lead and we take care of the rest. We will take care of the presentation, the sales, the contracts, the work and the account management. You can use our marketing materials and success stories and you’ll get a commission for the life of the campaign.

Suitable to whom: Smaller agencies just getting started and/or agencies that don’t want the hassle of sales, account management and running a technical back office. You would prefer to focus on web design and not bother with SEO account management.

Primary Advantage: Very stress free, leave everything beyond generating the lead to us. It allows you to be completely focused on growing your core business. If you become an expert at generating a high volume of well qualified leads leveraging our sales, marketing and technical team can make SEO an excellent recurring revenue stream for you business, with no costs.


Reseller: This means that you will handle most of the front end. You will predominantly look after the sales; marketing and account management, with our help available. We are primarily your back office for the technical work to ensure results. The main difference between referrer and reseller is that you get a discount and add margin on top, we then bill you and you bill the customer.

Suitable to whom: Mainly medium size agencies that are experienced, that are comfortable with sales, account management and executing contracts. You want the client on your contract so you can add margin, but still want to occasionally bring us in on client calls. You want SEO recurring without the day to day of staying up to date with the algorithms, link building, technical auditing, etc.

Primary Advantage: You own your client base because your client is contracted to you. It allows you some flexibility in pricing. Less effort than white label as you can leverage our expertise  to join calls with your client.

White Label

White Label: This means we are your back office only, you will do the sales and the account management. We will do all the grunt work to ensure your client gets great results and you will take care of everything else. You will sign our contract and your client will sign yours. Everything is done in your brand and your client does not know we exist.

Suitable to whom: The white label is suitable to experienced agencies. You could be small or large but have the experience to handle all aspects of the front office without support. You only want to outsource the back office technical knowhow to an experienced enterprise SEO firm, providing you the confidence that your brand equity will be well preserved.

Primary Advantage: You completely own your client list. You have full flexibility in pricing, you can add whatever margin on top of our net cost that you choose (we have white label partners that add 300% to our pricing and their clients are still profitable). This will make you miles more profitable then doing it yourself, many SEO agencies these days run on net margins of only 5%. This strategy can allow you to have net margins on SEO greater than 100% which makes an enormous difference to the net bottom line.

Training & Lead Generation

You can access sales, marketing, and technical training for your team. Training is done on the phone, via webinar, and in some cases we will come to your office. We’ve also developed an agency lead generation system capable of delivering 50 to 100 leads each month like clockwork depending on the niche, accessing the agency lead generation program requires you to be an active Gold qualified partner and approval.


    What’s in it for your Agency?


    Silver Referrer: This means you’re referring net campaigns to the value of $1,999 per month; you will be paid a net 10% monthly commission on all referred business for the life of the campaigns.

    Gold Referrer: This means your referring net campaigns to the value of at least $5,000 per a month; you will be paid a net 15% monthly commission on all referred business for the life of the campaigns.

    Resellers & White Label:

    Silver Reseller: This means your referring net campaigns to the value of $1,999 per a month; you will be given a net discount of 10% monthly commission on all referred business for the life of the campaigns.

    Gold Reseller: This means your referring net campaigns to the value of at least $5,000 per a month; you will be given a net discount of 15% monthly commission on all referred business for the life of the campaigns.

    Where did we learn to do SEO like this?

    Mr. Josh Denning

    Our Founder and Chief SEO Strategist has been an SEO specialist and digital marketer for over 10 years. He’s held key positions with Australia’s leading enterprise agencies like Hitwise and Bruce Clay and managed several boutique agencies.

    Josh ran and ranked his first website for competitive key terms way back in 1998, since then he’s worked with Australian companies such as Telstra, Westpac, Red Balloon, Roses Only and thousands of SMEs. These processes were developed with enormous R&D budgets and by sharing insights with the best industry leaders.


      How do I get started?

      To get started, let’s hop on a call and get to know each other a little better. There’s  no better way to kick of a relationship than a good conversation, and we already know we have a lot in common. We live, sleep and breath digital marketing and we love to share industry insights.

      Once you’re done reading up about the exciting times have ahead in 2019. You’ll notice a calendar with multiple times you can choose from to set a meeting.


        What to expect in 2019.

        Moving into the new year we decided to come up with a solution of eliminating all of the issues revolving around purchasing quality backlinks with our latest backlink tool. We are extremely excited to be able to allow clients to log into our portal and see all the relevant information on the links they wish to acquire.

        ‘Isn’t that just a breath of fresh air’.

        Clients will be able to view the database of real, relevant authoritative sites, specific to their industry. Users can view traffic to the sites, citation flow, trust flow, domain authority and much more. We have always believed that the transparent approach is an honest approach and our aim is to remove that uneasy feeling you get when purchasing links from an unknown source.

        Content will be included when you purchase a link and will be added to your site within 7 days or less, “how’s that for efficiency”.

        Updates on the backlink portal will be available in January of 2019. If you can’t wait until then, and want a little more info, let’s hop on a call to discuss.